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Moving Up — The Transfer Process at Northcentral University

An education doesn’t fit easily into the back of a U-Haul, and career aspirations cannot be contained in a cardboard moving box. Despite these stipulations, students continue to move their respective educations across the country and around the world, an opportunity simplified by advances in online universities.

According to an article in The New York Times, one in three students who enroll in either a four-year or two-year college will transfer to another institution at some point. This can be a stressful, emotional and frustrating process for a student, but is nonetheless the reality. Fortunately, Northcentral University’s transfer system is straightforward and transparent, significantly reducing potential stress. Those considering transferring to Northcentral University can expect a simplified, pleasant experience:

First, a prospective student needs to complete an online application. Northcentral University welcomes transfer students, whether they are coming from another online institution or experimenting with distance learning for the first time. To ensure that students are properly prepared for the challenges and expectations of an institution of Northcentral University’s caliber, only transfer credits from accredited colleges and universities are accepted. Credits earned at international institutions approved by the nation’s respective Minister of Education or through a process comparable to the United States accreditation system will also be welcomed. These credits are indicated by submitting college transcripts, which are available by contacting the school’s administration office.

The Northcentral University enrollment team carefully examines these transcripts, and applies all relevant courses toward the student’s predetermined online degree program. In order for a course to count for credit, a student must have earned a B grade (3.0) or better within three years prior to the transfer request.

Once the transcripts have been evaluated and the credits applied, a student is ready to begin a Northcentral University education. At this point, a student will receive an online enrollment package and materials for the first Northcentral University online course. The entire transfer process only takes about one month, ensuring no student will have to live out of the suitcase of their previous institution for long.

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