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Fanning the flame—the story behind the Northcentral University Logo

When students enroll in a university, they receive more than coursework and grades.  Students become part of their school’s culture, donning its colors for game day, arguing with rivals on the superiority of one’s own alma mater and taking part in time honored practices and rituals. This culture is embodied through colors and images, mantras and traditions. Harvard has its crest and credo, the University of Texas has its signature burnt orange longhorn, and no team wants to be at the other end of the Florida Gator Chomp. Northcentral University is no different, embodying a culture inimitable to others that canvases the globe through its 100 percent online platform. This culture is represented in part by the Northcentral University logo:

The Northcentral University logo shows colors fusing and interacting, representing the multidimensional nature of higher education: teacher-student interaction, diversity, the pursuit of learning and more. These elements combine to make the university experience unique and memorable. The two overlapping shapes on either side of the flame represent the one-to-one mentoring relationship between student and teacher. The flame in the center of the logo symbolizes the fire of enlightenment that education produces. And together, the contemporary logo and traditional font produce a melding of the progressive and established.

However, the logo is just one representation of the Northcentral University culture. Find out more about the Northcentral University experience at

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  1. NCU is a great institution!

    January 31, 2012

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