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Northcentral University Alumni Supports Learning Initiatives Through Innovation

Northcentral University’s online interface is notable, and its exceptionally qualified crew of 100% doctoral faculty gives sufficient cause to gloat. But it is the students and graduates who make this online institution gleam and glow with pride.

Among the throng of pride-inducing pupils is JoAnne Jackson, a teacher and doctoral student at Northcentral University. Together with colleague Julie Wilson, this Northcentral University alumna created “Just Logical,” one of the newest features on the online quiz creation site Qwizzy’s World.

Just Logical is a multiple-choice quizzing platform that supports a learning technique known as “retrieval testing.” Using this method, students take a pretest before reading the material, and then retake the same test throughout the learning process to gauge progress and reinforce conclusions.  Just Logical supplies test takers with instant feedback, so that they can learn from their mistakes efficiently.

Atlanta’s Neighbor Newspaper writes that, “Just Logical enables an assessment to be a true tool for learning instead of being merely a summative, end-point measure.”

Northcentral University congratulates JoAnne Jackson for her valuable work and inspired innovation in the education sector. To read more distance-learner success stories, click here or visit for more information.

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