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Take Your Career to a Higher Degree

In today’s precarious and often disappointing hiring climate, job stability can be a concern for many professionals, leaving promotion opportunities an altogether distant dream. Employees may be able to  improve their chances of career advancement, however, by earning an advanced degree from an accredited institution.

The presence of an advanced degree signifies to supervisors and recruitment personnel a dedication to individual improvement and a long-term commitment to a respective industry. By taking advantage of qualified professors and relevant curriculum, such as that offered at Northcentral University, professionals can also increase their personal knowledge and experience base. Many employers will even help cover the cost of tuition for those who earn a degree while working for them.

This concept doesn’t just apply to those in traditional job settings; members of the military may also be able expedite their rank ascension with an advanced degree. Susan McIntosh, an education services officer at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia explains in a recent Military Times Edge article that “a master’s degree will help you in the military…especially if you’re looking to move up the ranks on the other side.”

To further support its dedication to graduate success and advancement, Northcentral University has cultivated alliances with a variety of companies and organizations to provide students with opportunities to excel in the career of their choice.

Talk with your employer about the opportunities available to those holding graduate degrees and your company’s tuition reimbursement policy. Your advanced degree is within reach — learn more at

Want even more reasons to consider a graduate degree while working? For more information, check out this article from the recent Summit on Higher Education’s Role in Preparing the New American Workforce.

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