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Respite for the Weary Researcher

Even the most dedicated researcher can come unglued at the sight of yet another footnote or formatting quandary when completing an online doctorate. To assist our dedicated doctoral students, allow us to elucidate (and alliterate) on a few thesis aids Northcentral University offers.

  • Stuck on a sticky citation? Visit Northcentral University’s Writing Center, accessible through the Student Portal. A self-directed resource, the Writing Center offers relief for tired eyes in the form of APA style guides or downloadable references on conducting research and interviewing strategies. Susan Krause, Writing Center Coordinator, is also available to field questions. She can be reached at
  • Discouraged by delving into detailed data? The Dissertation Center provides a treasure trove of assistance such as researcher guidelines, formatting templates and instructions on how to collect and record various types of statistics.
  • Timid about tomes, tracts and treatises? Northcentral University boasts one of the best online libraries of any distance learning institution; it also includes a staff of trained librarians to assist students. Available through the Student Portal, the library holds a wealth of peer-reviewed and scholarly journals for deep-dive research.

Armed with dissertation help, our doctoral candidates can proceed undaunted toward their dissertation review committees. To learn more about Northcentral University’s online graduate degrees, visit

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