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Commitment * Dedication * Devotion

In a Journey from Sierra Leone to Anchorage, Alaska, Milton Kabia Wins NCU’s Dissertation of the Year Award with a Fierce Determination for a Life of Learning 

Milton Kabia, who recently earned his PhD in Business Administration here at Northcentral University with a specialization in Computer and Information Security, has been selected as this year’s Dissertation of the Year award winner! Kabia garnered this prestigious honor for his dissertation entitled: “Contributions of Professional Certification and Information Technology Work Experience to Self-Reported Job Performance.”

Dr. Milton Kabia

Dr. Milton Kabia

In our ultra-competitive global marketplace, Kabia’s research explored the way that companies evaluate human capital, especially as it relates to academic degrees, work experience and certification, such as Microsoft’s coveted MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) signifying a deep expertise of the company’s technologies and solutions by IT professionals and developers. Kabia was interested in the performance levels of individuals with high competencies, and in turn, how they were valued in the market in terms of salaries and promotions.

Perfectly in line with NCU’s commitment to applied experiential learning, at the same time he was studying to earn his Doctorate, Kabia served as Dean of Information Technology at Charter College in Anchorage, AK, as well as Senior Systems Network Administrator for the Alaska Native Tribal Consortium (ANTHC).

“I originally enrolled in Northcentral in 2007 while working two jobs, but I really thought I was in over my head, so I dropped out,” notes Kabia.

After studying at another online university, however, Kabia realized that he missed his NCU experience, and he soon re-enrolled at Northcentral.

“Northcentral has motivated faculty mentors that are so dedicated, and that’s the most important thing to me,” relates Kabia. “The Graduate School resources are phenomenal, especially the library, and my Academic Advisors have been remarkable. I’ve developed friendships with faculty members over the years, and we stay in touch by phone and e-mail.”

Kabia admits to being a self-motivated “work-a-holic,” often working on Saturdays and Sundays and getting by with very little sleep.

“There’s still a perception out there that online is easy, but I can tell you from personal experience that the quality and standard of education at Northcentral is very high,” adds Kabia.

Kabia is proud and excited to “walk down the aisle” during Northcentral University’s Commencement Ceremonies on June 9, in Prescott Valley, AZ. This world traveler began his life in Sierra Leone, and then migrated to the UK and Scotland – where he realized that he loved cold weather! After moving to the U.S. in 1999, Kabia initially was based in Nebraska, but the topography was almost too much like home, and he instead settled on Anchorage, AK, where he loves the lifestyle – and the icy climate!!!

“It really comes down to commitment, dedication, and devotion, wherever you live and wherever you are in life,” remarks Kabia. “NCU provides tremendous guidance, so you can achieve your goals, but the motivation needs to come from inside yourself. If you keep fighting, you will succeed.”

Kabia also recommends constantly reaching out to others in the PhD community.

“Be very persistent – keep working – and keep talking to the faculty, colleagues and friends that make up your particular niche – and they will help you to achieve.”

{For more information on the remarkable Milton Kabia, who is also a Northcentral University Ambassador, please visit:

Spoiler alert: The man has a street named after him in Sierra Leone!!!}

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