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Lighten Up, with E-Textbooks

Two great advantages of an online education are convenience and flexibility; the online student can study wherever they are and whenever they have the time with the click of a mouse via their Learner Portal. The online-degree seeker needs materials that suit this strategy, which for some means finding an alternative to a traditional textbook that weighs nearly the same as a red clay brick. E-textbooks allow students to carry hundreds of pounds worth of resources easily and conveniently, via their laptops, tablets and e-readers, allowing them to pursue their online advanced degree with absolute ease.

Although e-textbooks may not have the signature smell of decaying glue, or come equipped with a standard backache, they do provide the same information as traditional textbooks with a few added advantages. Apple recently announced they had joined forces with the nation’s leading publishers to create an application that allows e-textbooks to feature video, integration with academic databases, interactive problem sets and embedded note-taking capabilities.

While not all textbooks come in digital form, many are available to download at prices less than their paper partners. Students can then read these via an e-reader like the Nook or Kindle, a tablet like the iPad or on their computer. Supplemental research materials for papers and projects can also be found in digital formats, with Northcentral University reference librarians like Christine Gearhart on hand to assist students in determining which resource is right for them.

“There are pros and cons to both,” Gearhart explains. “Many students continue to prefer the traditional paper books, so that they can literally highlight important facts. Others like the electronic textbooks, which feature hyperlinking, graphics and video. It just depends on the student and how they learn best.”  Visit the Northcentral University Library for all library resources including databases, e-books or the Interlibrary Loan Program.   

Your diploma does not need to come with a prescription from a chiropractor. To learn more about e-textbooks, check out some of these articles:

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