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Sidestepping Time Traps: A Time Management Tip for Making the Most of Your Time

It can be tough to avoid a trap…especially when you don’t see it coming. That’s pretty much why they call it a trap, huh?

At Northcentral University, we are committed to providing our students with the tools and support they need to successfully complete their degree program, accomplish their educational goals, and help them avoid the trap of not finishing what they’ve started.

For example, we utilize a One-to-One teaching model that partners our students with highly credentialed faculty who provide personal feedback and support. There are no physical residency requirements, meaning students don’t have to relocate or otherwise uproot their lives to earn their degree. We also incorporate an applied experiential learning approach to help students successfully develop and incorporate their skills into their professional lives after and even during their programs. We even offer a foundational course where students can learn how to manage their time and personal and professional responsibilities while in school.

Not to mention the fact that Northcentral has sought and obtained the most respected form of U.S. higher education accreditation –regional accreditation—from the Higher Learning Commission to help ensure the quality of our degree programs.

With that in mind, we feel like it is our responsibility to tell you about a little trap that you may be falling into over and over again without even knowing it.

We’re talking about time traps. Mark Woods of Attack Your Day! Before It Attacks You! defines time traps as, “patterns of using time that provide no positive return.”

Think you don’t have any time traps? Think again. Have you ever watched the news for more than half an hour? Do you really think you need to hear about banning Big Gulps, a bad car accident, and the robbery at the gas station across town, three times in one night?  How about reading through the hundreds and hundreds of subject lines in your junk email to see if there is anything funny, interesting or just plain ridiculous? Do you really think that is a good use of your time?

Those are just a couple of examples, and while they may be a tad farfetched for many of you, there are plenty of other time traps that tempt us on a regular basis. Woods suggests conducting a little self-observation in order to determine which, if any, time traps you regularly fall into. Once you’ve discovered and acknowledged your time traps, then you can prepare to avoid them.

Check out the video from Mark Woods below to learn how you can avoid getting caught in time traps so you can Attack Your Day! and make the most of your time.

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  1. I agree with you . it’s most important for every student.

    February 9, 2013

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