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Chipping Away at a Writer’s Block to Become a Published Author

By following the famous axiom, “write what you know,” Sharon Schwartz uses her experience as an    online graduate student at Nothcentral University and writes about online education for in St. Paul Minnesota

Sharon Schwartz

Sharon Schwartz
Northcentral EdD Student

Sharon Schwartz is currently a student in the EdD in Educational Leadership Program at Northcentral University’s School of Education where she maintains an exceptional 3.6 GPA. Although she only began the NCU program last November, Schwartz is a veteran graduate learner, having completed over 250 online APA course essays and/or papers during her academic odyssey, and she’s already thinking about dissertation topics.

“I’m really passionate about physical education,” notes Schwartz, “and I’m concerned when I see vending machines full of sodas and snacks taking the place of physical education curriculum in many of our public schools.”

In the past, Schwartz worked for the St. Paul Public Schools in Minnesota as a substitute teacher and head coach for volleyball, basketball and fast-pitch, while also serving as a Red Cross Instructor. She’s currently an entrepreneur who also works for a nutrition company, as well as an insurance agency. Like many NCU students, despite having such a hectic schedule, Schwartz also possesses a burning desire to obtain her advanced degree. After researching several other EdD programs, she chose to study at Northcentral:

“I’ve had an absolutely positive experience at Northcentral,” Schwartz notes. “My feedback is always positive and informative, and I credit Northcentral’s writing instructors for helping me to enhance my skills and gain the confidence to embark on a new venture as a writer.”

Early in her academic journey, Schwartz admits to actually being afraid of writing, but with hard work and determination, she has scored 99% in both of her EdD writing courses over the past year, and she consistently scores 100% on APA requirements regardless of the context of study.

This newfound confidence led to Schwartz applying for an online education writer position with St. Paul’s, one of the largest online Internet publishers in the space. Schwartz won the job, and she has already published her first articles!

Schwartz’ future looks bright, and she now has plans of publishing her first book. She’d also like to eventually help other online graduate students, perhaps one day establishing a foundation or scholarship that would provide funds for students who are also hoping to fulfill their dreams through the power of graduate education.

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  1. Sharon, I wish you the best and hope that you do reach your goals. Writing is very rewarding and if you stay passionate and motivated you will make it happen!

    April 28, 2013

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