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Working through Graduate School Burnout

You’ve started your master’s or doctoral degree program and you’re ready for the challenge! All you can think about is how great your new degree will look on your resume, all the doors it will open for you, and how it’s so awesome you can do it all from your own home.

You put the pedal to the metal for your first three courses, running on a potent mixture of adrenaline, passion for new knowledge, and encouragement from friends and family. You’ve earned a pristine 4.0 GPA to date, and you’re preparing for your next course.

Then you hit it. Your wheels are spinning, but you’re going nowhere.  You never saw it coming, and that brick wall is hard! Welcome to your next challenge – finding a way to break through the wall and emerge on the other side as a graduate.

The proverbial brick wall has the ability to crush any unsuspecting student, but those who prepare for it will prevail. So, take a few mental notes from these quick tips and file them away for when that wall suddenly pops up for you, whether it’s during your coursework, while working on your dissertation, or simply trying to balance your life responsibilities with school.

Mix Up Your Study Style

While the study nook in the corner of your living room may have played host to some of your greatest academic achievements to date, the brick wall has moved in and is cramping your style! Take your studies to the park, the library, or even just try a new corner. The change in scenery might just inspire you.

Slow Down, Enjoy the Ride

Your degree program is a marathon, not a sprint. Try taking a step back, focusing on one assignment at a time, and rewarding yourself each time you click the ‘Submit’ button. Breaking it down in to manageable goals gives you small celebrations to enjoy along the way.

Start the Countdown

Remember the feeling you got in high school when your summer vacation countdown finally hit zero? Bring that emotion back by starting a countdown to graduation. Count down courses, assignments, weeks, or days – whatever motivates you. As your number gets smaller, you’ll find yourself accelerating toward the finish line.

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