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Career Paths for PhD in Psychology

For many students, the idea of pursuing a degree in psychology is attractive because of the field’s notorious diversity and seemingly endless list of opportunities.  Those who choose psychology at the graduate level, study human behavior with an emphasis on research methods and statistics, which provides them with a unique skillset they can easily adapt to a variety of careers after graduation.

The idea of having so many opportunities available is encouraging, but with endless options for success, which door should you open?  In the field of psychology, it’s important to become specific about your career goals before choosing your program.  By doing so, you’ll be able to narrow your options for degree programs and specializations.

Northcentral University’s Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Heather Frederick, suggests that students who have their eye on a graduate degree in psychology should “think about their dream job, interview people who actually do it for a living, and find out what is needed to succeed – including specific degrees, specializations, practicums or internships.”  This process will not only open your eyes to new opportunities, but will point you in the right direction when choosing the best specialization for your goals.

If you’re considering starting your PhD in Psychology, take Dr. Frederick’s advice and spend time researching different areas of the field that interest you.  Struggling to find a good place to start?  Take a few minutes to complete this short Psychology Career Quiz from

Which Psychology Career Is Right for You?

Whether you’re surprised by the results or your convictions are confirmed, you’ll have a great starting point in your search for the right path.  Your dream job in an area of psychology that suits you best can become a reality if you take the time to properly research,  weigh your options, and take the first step toward a graduate degree program that can help you get there.

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