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Tips on Getting Published in Academic Journals

While many of us use academic journals as resources for information, for an elite group of scholars, they serve as a platform for showcasing research and discovery. Planning to pursue a career in academia or climb the ranks of the professional world? Getting published in an academic journal could be a catalyst for growth in whatever career you choose.

If you’re tossing around the idea of submitting an article for the first time, take a few minutes to browse the suggestions below before you hit send.

Do the Research
The ultimate goal is to make a significant contribution to your academic arena, so find the academic journal that will best play host to your ideas. If you completed research on space travel, you wouldn’t submit your article to a journal about prehistoric animals, would you? Try browsing the databases you have become so familiar with throughout your academic career to find the best fit for your work.

Be Conscious of the Requirements
Like any publication, academic journals have an expected standard for submission. Becoming well-versed on the requirements before submitting your work gives you a better chance of getting published. Many journals, such as the American Educational Research Journal – a publication available through NCU’s library – even provide a Submission Preparation Checklist to follow.

Get Feedback Before You Submit
Have someone you trust proofread and suggest changes before you submit your final work. A fresh set of eyes can provide a new perspective and suggestions for positive change. Whether it’s the spelling error you missed after staring at your computer screen for fifteen hours, or a complete overhaul of the first paragraph, change can be good!

Don’t Get Frustrated With Rejection
For every article you see in an academic journal, there were probably thousands that were submitted for review. Don’t take it personally if you’re rejected a few times. Use the opportunity to refine your work or do a little more research to find a more appropriate platform for your ideas.

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  1. Thanks for the post. If I were to add a few more tips from my experience, I have to say that being patient is a key factor when it comes to publishing papers on academic journals. Sometines, it takes months for your submitted paper to be peer reviewed so a decision can be made. So be patient.

    Another tip is to think of a joint paper. If it is your first submission, you can find a professor and ask if you can jointly write the paper together and submit it. They already have experience in publishing and it would be of a great benefits to you.

    Another tip is to carefully study the submission procedures for the chosen journal. Check their deadlines, requirements, etc.

    September 5, 2013
  2. I have been rejected a few times trying to get published in academic journals. What type of thing did you write in order to get publised? Thanks for the tips..

    March 24, 2014

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