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How to Feng Shui Your Study Space

One of the most important tasks for students that are new to the online platform is finding an effective study space, but the work isn’t over once you’ve found it. Whether it’s an entire room or the corner of your kitchen, the next step is to make it the most effective space you can.

If you’re struggling to figure out where to start, seeking the direction of the Chinese art of feng shui is a good first step. You never know, maintaining positive energy through proper feng shui techniques might just be the trick to sailing through your degree program with flying colors! Browse the suggestions below to get started on the path toward study harmony.

Desk Placement

Make sure to place your desk in an area that has wall support. In other words, your back should be to a wall and you should face the entrance of your study space. This way, you know who is coming and going, which will eliminate the distraction of that nervous feeling you get when someone walks up behind you.


Your favorite color might be orange, but this isn’t the best color for your study space. Make sure to use calming colors such as blue or green in your area.  This relaxes the mind and allows you to focus on writing that “A” paper! If you’re having trouble selecting the right color, check out these Feng Shui color tips.


A messy study space creates a cluttered mind. To avoid this, your study space should be organized and clutter-free at all times. Make sure to keep this in mind when shopping for the proper furniture (desk, shelving, filing cabinets) for your space. Looking for a little inspiration? Check out this Pinterest page for a few creative visuals.


To maximize your study experience, surround yourself with things that make you feel great about yourself. Whether it’s a motivational poster, a picture of your family, or the last trophy you earned in little league, positive feelings create a positive outlook for the task at hand.

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