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Link Roundup: Spooky-Fast Solutions for Halloween on a Deadline

Did you forget about Halloween this year? Don’t punish yourself by skipping the festivities just because you’re failing Halloween Prep: 101! If you’re frantically searching for ways to display a little last-minute Halloween spirit, we’ve got you covered.

Speedy Costume Solutions

Invited to a costume party you totally forgot about? Never fear, there are thousands of last-minute costume ideas out there, no matter what you’ve got to work with in your closet. Check out the ideas below for almost any Halloween costume pickle!


Swift Decoration Ideas

If you’re going to participate at all, you might as well go all-in. Halloween decorations can be fun and easy, you’ll just have to use the suggestions below and get creative!

Scary Halloween Classics

Not in to decorations or costumes?  There’s nothing like a scary movie to get you in the Halloween spirit!

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